Fur Real Friends

Just a few of the most popular Fur Real Friends family

As well as Fur Real Friends Biscuit there are many more loveable pets in the Fur Real Friends family. Visit Toys R Us, Amazon, Woolworths & Hamleys to see the entire range of these unbelievably life like and adorable FUR REAL FRIENDS!

Butterscotch Pony

The Butterscotch Pony

The Fur Real Friends BUTTERSCOTCH PONY moves, sounds and can even be ridden by a small child that makes Butterscotch bounce and make sounds of real hoofs walking along the ground. Plus with innovative touch and audio sensors located around the pony's body, you can interact with the Butterscotch pony. Just pat her and Butterscotch will move her head and ears in affection.

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Fur Real Friends Cat

Fur Real Friends Cat

This Fur Real Friends Cat is the cutest and more adorable pet from the FurReal friends range.

As with all the other Fur Real Friends, the Fur Real Friends Cat fails to disappointment on how realistic it looks. With it's animated head, neck, legs and ears plus swishing tail the Fur Real Friends cat comes to life. She even sits and lies down and responds to you stroking her as her eyes light up and she makes those loving purring sounds.

The Fur Real Friends cat is truly magical and is another must for this Christmas!

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Squawkers McCaw

Fur Real Friends Squawkers McCaw

The Squawkers McCaw parrot loves to talk just like a real McCaw. With over 45 words and phrases he will keep you entertained for hours at a time. Squawker McCaw dances, sings and whistle to his and your favourite song and you can easily switch between his singing, talking and dancing modes. The FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw will be another life long friend to talk to and to play with.

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September 22, 2017
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