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Butterscotch Pony

Butterscotch Pony

Daddy - can I have a pony? Silly question for most families, well now you might still be able to keep your little girl smiling at Christmas without breaking the bank.

Just like Fur Real Friends Biscuit, the BUTTERSCOTCH PONY will be a lifetime friend, as will you be, when your daughter finds this present under the Christmas tree.

The Fur Real Friends BUTTERSCOTCH PONY moves, sounds and can even be ridden by a small child. We emphasise this point in case there are any adults who think it would be a good idea to test the pony out...especially on Christmas day. At 3 feet tall Butterscotch pony can carry a maximum weight limit of 36Kg. Butterscotch will bounce and then make sounds of real hoofs walking along the ground.

Plus with innovative touch and audio sensors located around the pony's body, you can interact with the Butterscotch pony. Just pat her and Butterscotch will move her head and ears in affection.

BUTTERSCOTCH PONY needs to be cared for and loved just like a real pony. The furreal friends butterscotch pony comes with a carrot and brush so you can feed her while brushing her long mane. She will even whine and snort. Just like a real pony she loves to be talked to. See her tail swish with excitment and her eyes blink when you talk to her.

Buy your Fur Real Friends Butter Scotch Pony today and make your little girl the happiest girl in the world!

Product Specifications for the Butterscotch Pony

• Incredibly lifelike pony responds to your voice and touch with realistic motions and pony sounds!
• Maximum Weight Limit is 80 lbs/36 Kg.
• Boxed Weight is 16 Kg.
• Requires 6x D Batteries (which are not included)

Butterscotch pony comes with:

•Special adoption certificate

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September 22, 2017
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