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Biscuit the dog is now on release again for Chistmas 2011 after its amazing success over the last 2 Christmas seasons.

>>>***Order your Biscuit the Dog now to avoid disappointment.***<<<

Biscuit Dog

Fur Real Friends Biscuit

Fur Real Friends Biscuit - My Lovin' Pup! The must have toy for Christmas 2010!

The FUR REAL FRIENDS BISCUIT my lovin' pup pet puppy, is the newest, most realistic pet to join the FUR REAL FRIENDS family. Ever since I can remember, children have always asked for a puppy at Christmas. However so many children lose the energy to care for them after Christmas. With the FUR REAL FRIENDS BISCUIT your kids will be able to interact with this loveable real life size golden retriever and can begin to show you how they will care for this unbelieveable life like pet.

>>>***HURRY!!! Last Christmas stocks ran out weeks before Christmas and many contacted us to find out where it was possible to get hold of the last remaining few "Biscuit Dog". Therefore to avoid disappointment, we recommend buying as soon as possible. Don't wait until December for this must have toy for Christmas 2010.***<<<

Watch the Fur Real Friends Biscuit - My lovin' Pup as he barks, wags his tail, responds to your voice and touch, plus watch him show you his love and affection...especially if you scratch his head. He can even let you know when he's ready to play. Watch him get excited if you offer him a treat and then plead with you to give him his treat. Hand him his bone and the FurReal Friends Biscuit the dog will sniff it first before gnashing away at it.

This is going to be the hottest Fur Real Friends pet this year. To find who has stock and the best prices around check out our FurReal Friends Biscuit - My Lovin' Pup price comparison and stock page. Plus keep an eye our for exclusive discounts and offers for the Fur Real Friends Biscuit Dog and many other toys this Christmas 2010.

Fur Real Friends Biscuit - My Lovin Pup, is one of the Fur Real Friends by Hasbro, along with Butterscotch Pony, Squawkers McCaw and the cute Fur Real Friends Cat to name just a few. This loveable puppy responds to voice commands and stroking with barks and realistic movements. The toy is great for all kids aged five and up.

This larger than life golden retriever puppy has a soft coat and eyes that will make even the hardest person crumble. With a real collar, a bone-shaped treat and a brush for combing his fur, Biscuit - My Lovin Pup also comes with an adoption certificate to make your child feel like they are real pet owners.

There are nine sensors on Biscuit the Dog which allow him to respond when you pet him or talk to him. Our favourite is the photo sensor in Biscuit's forehead that allow him to react by blinking or sneezing, to name a few, when you wave something in front of him.

Fur Real Friends Biscuit Product Specifications

Product details

• Product Dimensions: 37.5 x 50.4 x 62.2 cm
• Weight: 6 Kg
• Batteries: 6x D Batteries required (which are not included)
• For Ages 5 and Up.

Biscuit my lovin' pup comes with the following items:

•Adoption certificate

The innovative voice recognition technology inside the FUR REAL FRIENDS BISCUIT - MY LOVIN’ PUP pet puppy will listen and obey 6 different voice commands including “sit,” “sit up and beg,” “lie down,” “give me a paw,” “speak” and “do you want a treat?” Not only that, FurReal Biscuit will bark, blink, wag his tail and move his head and ears just LIKE A REAL PET PUPPY. He will even sniff his ‘bone’ and chomp on his tasty treat.

The FURREAL FRIENDS BISCUIT, MY LOVIN’ PUP also contains incredible sensors that allows BISCUIT the pet pup to respond to touch. All you have to do is pet Biscuit on the sensors located around his body for him to show his affection. Check out our Biscuit - My Lovin' Pup Reviews and Videos to see what we mean and to see him in action.

Finally, the FUR REAL FRIENDS BISCUIT, MY LOVIN’ PUP pet pup includes an innovative ‘bark-back’ feature that will allow him to respond when he is spoken to!

Remember this was one of the toy retailers associations TOP 12 TOYS for Christmas 2010, so stocks will sell out fast. All of our stock and price comparisons are updated daily, so you can be sure you won't miss out if you keep an eye on our Fur Real Friends Biscuit website.

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